Alena 7 

is a Certified Fitness/Bootcamp coach, a Certified Fitness Instructor, and a Weight-loss/Imaging Consultant. She specializes in helping mothers achieve their highest potential in wellness and fitness through her personalized training, bootcamp/sculpting fitness classes for optimal health and energy, and weight-loss/imaging services.  Alena 7 has been in the health and fitness industry since she was 14 years old and has come to realize the importance of approaching health and fitness by addressing the mind and spirit as well as the body.  An avid runner, Alena takes her bootcamp groups on long-distance running camps, neighborhood bootcamp classes, outdoor bootcamps, and lunch bootcamp classes.  Alena currently is an independent contractor providing lunch bootcamps for several federal government offices.  She also enjoys golf, cycling, yoga, traveling, and spending time with her 14 year old twins.